Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Avatar's Challenge!

Project Avatar is proudly launching our new program that can offer you working experience at the same time make you able to pitch your profile to the world. While you can learn by reading blogs or following discussion, and you can connect to other professionals at Project Avatar, how can we give you experience and opportunity to pitch your profile?

Introducing Project Avatar's Challenge (PAC), a simulated work environment where the members will collaborate to work in a project to build a product. A member can nominate an idea to build certain product, and once approved the same member can become the project leader to lead the other members to execute it. We are using the real world project management tool and the output is a real product.

What kind of product? It's up to you as the idea maker! It can be a book, a web design, a mobile application, new open source kernel, the next generation router, or others. Sky is the limit!

Obviously once your nominated idea is approved as PAC project you need to promote it to get other members to join and help you. So actually the sky is not the limit, but probably the number of project members and their capabilities to build the product should be used to define or revise a realistic target in the project.

Once the project is completed and the product is ready, it will be advertised everywhere.

So what are the benefits of getting involved in PAC?
- as idea initiator, to make your idea happens
- as project leader, it's an opportunity to lead team with different background from different countries
- opportunity to contribute to make great product
- opportunity to learn from more experienced professional
- opportunity to work with people with different background from different countries
- to get the exposure since the product will be advertised all over the world
- and you can use the project as reference in your profile or resume
- anyone involved in the project will get Project Avatar points

And what are the drawbacks from getting involved?
None that I can think of. Probably this activity will make you more busy on Project Avatar and spend less time on Facebook or LinkedIn :)

So you may call it simulated project. But it's led by real professional, using real project management tool, with real project members, to create a real product.

Are you up to the challenge?

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