Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be On Project Avatar

1. You are a professional who is willing to share your knowledge and experience 'beyond blogging'

2. You are a professional who is trying to find information to become a better professional in one place

3. You are a student who wants to learn more about real world work environment and make connection with professionals

4. You like to create a group with those who share common interest and use the group features to discuss, share document, share photo, create event and to create polls

5. You want to be part of Project Avatar's Challenge, to collaborate with other professionals around the world using a real tool to build a real product

6. You are fed up spending your time on social network that doesn't provide you new knowledge

7. You want to read the jobs add that usually posted by 'insider'

8. You are interested to use our collaboration tool with virtual whiteboard and A/V chat

9. You are interested to use our web based chat engine

10. You are curious to find out why more than 1200 professionals signed up to P@ within the first 6 weeks that doesn't use any advertisement other than word of mouth

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