Saturday, July 30, 2011

Traveling Light

Three cities. Two countries. Fourteen days. No checked baggage.
This is how I travel to Europe with only one small bag.

First - understand the most important items require to travel are just passport, mobile phone and wallet with credit card and money. They are the first priority and should not be left behind. Flight ticket? E-ticket or booking confirmation SMS will do.

Second - don’t carry those that will be provided by the hotel. Towel and toiletries. Or kimono from hotel. Or probably items than can be bought at destination country. Like perfume in destination airport’s duty free.

Third - cut the clothes. One pair of multipurpose shoes is more than enough. One short to sleep and to go sight seeing during sunny day. Learn how to wash in the bathtub. I carry only 5 shirts (and a jeans) for 2 weeks. I will still only carry 5 shirts even for 3 weeks. Why? Because with 5 I can wear different shirt during each working day in a week. Then repeat the sequence on the second week. And when the customer I work with starts to realize the pattern on the third week, it would be the right time to go back home.

So in my small bag other than clothes I still can fit my Leica camera, my Dr. Dre’s headphone, two Macbook Air, Linksys AP (to share the hotel Internet connection), Ruby books, my notebook and all the chargers.

And yes, ditch the Macbook Pro and get the Macbook Air instead. My two MBAs are still weighted much less than one MBP.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving to... Not moving!

Final update: I decided to stick with blogger! It was challenging to move all the posts and images "as is" so it's better for me to continue with blogger. It's free, now it comes with better design tool, and I can redirect my domain here anyway. Please let me know what you think about the new design of this blog.

Update: I'm a bit disappointed with Tumblr blackberry apps, so I'm thinking another provider. Will try Typepad during the weekend. 

With my tight schedule between my work, maintaining Project Avatar, working on some e-books, and learning how to build the next generation web apps with Ruby and Rails, it has become difficult for me to maintain this blog using this platform. So I decided to switch to Tumblr to see how easy to update the content using my mobile.

It came with good theme, better archive, enable tagging and white background color :) And it came with fancy name too:

Please check my blog on Tumblr and let me know. Thanks