Friday, August 19, 2011

Backpacking In Europe

After one week having fun testing the ASR9K and one new kick ass platform for the customer in Hungary, it's already weekend again which means another opportunity to explore Europe. I have options to either stay in the nice hotel during the weekend, or take 7 hours train from Vienna to Venice on Friday night, spending time there until Sunday night, and go back to Vienna on Monday early morning.

Small backpack. Night train. Weekend in Venice. Leica M6 and blackberry in hand. No plan. Don't know what to expect.

It was not really difficult for me to decide.


yousef said...

hey dude
I'm going to venice next month .
you got any recommendation ?

yousef said...

hey dude
I'm going to venice and veinna next month
you got any recommendation ?

Himawan Nugroho said...

What recommendation are you looking for? Just post new blog about tips for backpacking in Europe, maybe useful for you

Holidays to koh lanta said...

These kinds of adventures are really fun. It would surely be fun to backpack around Europe and see all those wonderful pictures.

Martha Sthilaire said...

Oh, how I understand you! I love to travel around the world so much! Next place I am gonna visit is France. My friend recently was in Austria and told me, that there is a very good men club ) Here it is