Sunday, August 07, 2011

No Competition

"There is no real friend. There is no real competition. It's only real interest."

I heard that quote more than 10 years ago. While so far I have proved that there is real friend indeed, I'm yet to see if the theory of no competition can be proved wrong too.

Well, I think Google is trying to do that now.

I have seen two companies, that are used to compete to each other, become partner. Or one eventually gets acquired by its competitor. Sometimes two companies are still competing in one area but partnering in some other area.

Few days ago I saw this news about several Juniper sales executives landed (back) to Cisco. Imagine those who are used to compete with them, now will have them on board in the team.

There is no real competition?

And what does it tell us, the individual working as professional?

I'd say we have to defend our product and to compete to win. I've never met anyone who wants to work in a company that doesn't want to win the competition. But always try to keep the competition healthy. Just prove why we are better and never be rude to the folk who works on the other side. Because you never know, someday he or she may switch to our team. Or you may have chance to switch, and you'd probably want to do that to see how does it feels to be on the other side.

Google should've known better.

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