Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Time for Africa

I'm currently in Dubai. For only few days before going back to Hungary.

I've just had my first Telepresence meeting with my new team. This is my 6th team since I joined Cisco Systems about 5 years ago. As part of the re-organization within Cisco now I'm with the Service Provider team that focuses on customers in Africa.

Last time I checked, I haven't put any pin in Africa countries yet. I did some project for Bostwana Telecom, but it was done remotely.

    So it's time for Africa.

    But I need to finish my current work in Europe first.


    Centronix said...

    Well when you get to deal with Internet Solutions in South Africa, give me a shout on my twitter account @Centronix

    Unknown said...

    oh wow maybe we meet some day:-) if ever on a kenyan or east african project...let me know