Thursday, August 04, 2011

(Un) Healthy Schedule

3.30 am Fasting day starts
7.00 am Walk to customer's office
1.00 pm Continue working when customer have lunch
6.00 pm Walk back to the hotel
6.10 pm Continue working from the hotel
8.20 pm Walk to restaurant to break the fasting
8.30 pm Fasting day over, start the dinner
10.00 pm Finish dinner with nice Gelato
10.30 pm Back to hotel
11.00 pm Write blog, browse Internet, watch TV while drink lots of water
12.00 pm Go to bed


anas said...

Ans salat ? :p

Anonymous said...

Hm... It's unreal you sleep only 3.5 hours? And how long you will plan live with this scenario?

Himawan Nugroho said...

2 more days this week :)

Anonymous said...

shalat nya kapan bro ?

Anonymous said...

salat atleast farz required... i know i've been missing them in london. tarawee ends at 1230am...

may allah have mercy and forgive us.he knows the best.

take care and eat 2 gelatos for me... :)