Monday, August 15, 2011

When We Travel

My friend once told me she doesn't like to travel. Any information about the other part of the world is available on the Internet anyway. She prefers to sit at home and watch National Geographic channel that can make her feel smarter without having to spend money for the trip.

I believe she's missing the point completely.

I've been traveling extensively since I joined Cisco 5 years ago. Initially I didn't ask for it. It came to me. I was always be part of the team that covers multiple countries, even multiple continents. Within 5 years I've been in 25 countries, in most of the continents except Africa (will be there soon).

And now I feel like getting addicted to it. Because of many reasons and the experience beyond images and sound offered by TV or youtube.

When we travel, we have opportunity to smell the air, to taste the food, to mingle with the locals.

When we travel, we learn about the local cultures and the different mindset directly from the person.

When we travel, we are not seeing the world just as an observer. But we can get involved and blended with the people and our surrounding at the new places.

Nothing can match the experience.

No photos or videos can show the details. No words can describe the feeling. Not even this post.

You have to get out there and try it yourself.


Unknown said...

Traveling is a good experience

Anonymous said...

what about CO2 emissions the corporates are trying to solve... eg telepresence ?

it's for our future and next generation......

i agree travelling cannot be replaced with anything else... it's human nature.

Stephen Hsiao said...

Maybe family issue, some people don't like travel with the job.