Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why We Photograph

Have we ever asked question why we make photos?

Most of us started photography as a hobby. But what is our objective? Are we doing it just to fill up our spare time or because we are thinking to become a professional someday? Or perhaps because we want to be popular and get social with other photographers? To document our personal life? To share our current location with friends and relatives? Or because we just enjoy the experience?

The type of photography we would like to do obviously affects the gears we use. But the objective that we want to achieve at the end I believe will affect our selection of gears and the sharing media as well.

To achieve certain objectives below, personally I would use the following:

- Make money or for future career
Depends on the business I want to get into, for example sport and wildlife require DSLR and telephoto lens, landscape needs big sensor camera probably medium format, studio photography requires all the strobes. I'd use professional photo editing software and digital storage system at home to archive my works. To represent and market my photos I would create online gallery, photoblog and perhaps Facebook page. I may submit some of my work to stock photo website. And I'd try to win photo competition or get into a magazine as part of my profile advertisement.

- Document personal life
Any gear but probably fast lens and AF if I want to capture my kids running around, lightweight photo editing software, can use Flickr for archive and Facebook to share with relatives, print the photos to paper so they can be framed and hanged on the wall.

- Capture surrounding life as it happens
Probably small camera or mobile phone, may go with RF and distance focusing lens for hip shot, use Flickr for digital archive, and may upload to Twitter or Facebook for real time update.

- Enjoy photography as it was
Film camera, manual lens, one hour lab or darkroom at home. Even to share the result I will need to scan the negatives or slides, and archive the result digitally either at home storage or using online service.

- Digital postcard, to update my current location to friends and relatives
Mobile phone, upload to Facebook.

- Social photography: to follow, comment, like, and getting social with others
iPhone, Instagram

- Just to be happy
Use any gear, use any sharing media, ignore all criticisms :)

My regular photography gears and sharing media:
Leica M6, 35/f2 summicron lens, Kodak Ektar, Ilford XP2, one-hour lab, USB drive, macbook air, iPhoto, Flickr, Facebook

My social photography gears and sharing media:
iPhone 4, Camera+, Instagram

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