Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Not More Time That We Need

February has been a very busy time for me. First, because I have to travel back to back for 3 weeks within this month. Second, because I'm leading three concurrent projects at the same time for three customers in two different countries. Third, I also need to help the program manager finalizing the CCIE presentations we will be presenting in Cisco Live Melbourne next month. Fourth, since I travel to South Africa and Nigeria I use the opportunity to deliver free CCIE R&S Unofficial session over there. And last but not least, during my busy time I still conduct several free WebEx sessions with technical subjects like IPv6 for Indonesian professionals and students.

Now I'm in Lagos, Nigeria, doing design workshop with the customer. Yes, it's the same place where I have to use armed escort between the airport and the hotel.

I will host CCIE R&S session here this Friday, then while waiting for my flight to Johannesburg next Monday, I will conduct another WebEx session in my native language to discuss the architecture of Cisco ASR9000.

Even the schedule is really tight, I still believe it's not more time that I need. But less distraction. Appreciate and utilize any available time and try not to get distracted easily in order to focus, and one can deliver many things even within a very limited time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Himawan,
do you plan to make the ASR9000 presentation in english?

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