Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Inside the Bag?

I always travel light. I like to carry only one backpack, for my computer, clothes and everything else. The reason is because it makes me faster to go out from destination airport since I don't need to wait for checked-in luggage. And sometimes I have to travel to the countries where the baggage handling is not really reliable, I want to avoid the situation of losing the bag. Last but not least, if I want to extend my trip and go to different place using budget airline I don't have to pay extra for the luggage since I have only one cabin bag.

What's inside my bag?

Macbook air, Cisco badge, headphones, and one water resistant box contains all my electronic accessories e.g. macbook and iphone chargers, VPN token, universal power socket adapter, adapter for projector, adapter for ethernet, portable speakers, all USB and ethernet cables.
Sometimes I bring lightweight book, just in case I want to read.
Perfume, tooth brush and tooth paste inside airport approved plastic bag.
Four sets of clothes, North Face water proof jacket, swim wear, spare pant.

I don't need to carry lots of clothes since I always wear a jacket. When you wear suit or jacket nobody pays attention to the shirt underneath :)

Why tooth brush and tooth paste? Now even top airlines like Emirates or Singapore airline stop giving them for free inside the lavatory! And I always stay in 5-star or 4-star hotel but in some countries they don't provide one as well. If I have stay in one place for few weeks I'd simply buy the stuff.

All the items make the backpack weight around 8 kg only. No airline will refuse me to carry 8 kg bag to the cabin. And the set was more than enough for me to travel for 2 to 3 weeks continuously before going back home.


rotyyu said...

Nice backpack

Anonymous said...

What do you do about cleaning your clothes on longer stays? Do you wash them in the hotel or do you have them laundered at the hotel or somewhere close?

Anonymous said...

Perfume ? do you really wear Perfume ? :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of perfume? tell us a name :)

Apple Accessories said...

How fabulous!