Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cisco Live, Indonesia and Beyond

Now I'm in Melbourne, Australia, for Cisco Live 2012. It's been very interesting so far, so many great breakout sessions, many great speakers, and so many professionals from different countries in one place.

Yesterday I delivered 8-hour technical seminar together with CCIE Program Manager and lots of Red Bull.

There is iphone apps (and android) for this event if you are interested.

It's been fun, but I'm also very excited because next week I will have chance to meet many Indonesian professionals and students. As planned from early this year, I will visit 4 universities in 2 different cities in Indonesia to share my experience working as 'Global Consultant'.

On Wednesday next week I will conduct free workshop for Indonesian professionals where I will talk freely about my project experiences, technology update, career as network professional, and many more.

I'm currently thinking seriously about the idea to create non-profit organization to organize all my efforts like regular WebEx session, social media and onsite meetings in order to help professionals and students in my country so they can be ready to work and to compete in global market.

Now is the best time to really do something.

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Essie Smyth said...

Cisco really never fails to educate people especially the youth. I really salute their excellency towards a better future of the youth. This is a pretty interesting event that any member shouldn't miss.