Thursday, March 29, 2012

Indonesian Networkers 2012 - What's Left Behind

Indonesian Networkers 2012 was a 3-day event between 26-28 March initiated by me, to connect students with professionals who are willing to share experience and knowledge.

The main idea from the initiative is to share my stories working as technical advisor for Cisco Systems Advanced Services and leading many projects in many countries, with hope the students can learn from my experiences and start preparing for the competition in global market.

Within 3 days I met hundreds of students of ITB and Itenas in Bandung on Day 1, students of UI and Binus in Jakarta on Day 2, then I conducted 8 hours workshop with IT professionals in central Jakarta on Day 3.

In front of all professionals I shared my idea to found non profit organization to manage all similar efforts like this 3 day event, to make it happens in regular basis and to reach wider audience. I sold my personal items using online auction system during the event as initial funding.

Indonesian Networkers Foundation is a non profit organization to organize all the efforts to connect worldwide professionals with the students. What Indonesian Networkers Foundation can do: experience and knowledge sharing, career coach, scholarship, onsite event, mentoring, technical courses, global internship and many more.

Beyond the event I met reporter who wrote 2 stories in national online news based on our conversation.

I also had dinner with many Indonesian CCIEs, digital media expert, photographer and book author. Unbelieveable experience.

In 3 days I met lots of students, professionals, CCIEs, reporter, book author, media expert. Couldn't ask for more.

Thank you, Indonesia!

(All photos were captured by Tedhi Achdiana, an Indonesian CCIE and close friend of mine, who took days off from work to spend time and help me running the event)

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