Sunday, July 08, 2012

Too Busy to Study CCIE?

I heard this many times. Himawan, I want to become a CCIE, but I don't have time to study. Either because I'm too busy with my work, my family, my bachelor/master study, my social life, my newly born baby, my upcoming wedding, my (insert the excuse here).

It's always easy to come up with an excuse.

My reply is simple: why you want to become CCIE in the first place? Always start with intention. Good intention always produces good result. What's the purpose of doing something like chasing CCIE? If the reason is worth the time and money spent to become CCIE, one will find the way to get it, no matter how hard.

But Himawan, when you took your first lab, your previous company gave you 2 months off. Yes, but that was 11 years ago when CCIE was still rare and many companies were trying to be the first to have the most number of CCIEs. And as reminder, in exchange I was ready to get fired if I fail in two lab attempts. Will you do the same?

And here is another harsh argument for those who claim want to become CCIE but like to spend more time making excuses instead of working on it:

Given enough time and resource, anyone can pass CCIE.
Will you hire someone who can pass CCIE if he stops working completely and stays at home whole time just to study?
I know I won't.

Why, you may ask? Because we live in a very fast pace era where there is no more time can be allocated solely to study. Everyone is expected to do more with less. To achieve more with shorter time. To be more efficient. To be able to handle multiple tasks and assignments.

So if you want to really become a CCIE, make time. Show the world you can manage multiple tasks from your daily job, your life, as well as from your study. You need that skill to face the pressure during the lab exam day anyway. And for sure you need to be able to do that in real world.

Because that's the quality people are looking from you these days.
Especially after you get your CCIE.

PS: I work as global consultant for Cisco Systems. I lead multiple projects in several countries. I travel from time to time. I help developing CCIE content and write new questions. I speak in Cisco Live. I maintain internal certification program for new engineers. I'm a CCIE mentor inside Cisco. Outside Cisco I run a non-profit organization to help students rom my country to become globally competitive professionals. I have developers working for me to develop the platform for mentoring program and scholarship. I study MBA. I'm a father of three. I go offroading to the desert. I play snowboarding in Ski Dubai. I watch Ice Age 4 and Amazing Spiderman.
You get my point.


Daniel said...


This a great post. It is inspiring. I am 25 years old and after i get home from the jobs i only study for the CCIE.

In 2 months time i am going to take the CCIE written and then go off to lab (i already have my CCIE lab at home).

I tried your schedule that you posted some years ago on this blog, but i cannot (my body cannot work that good without 8 hours sleep)

I was wondering how can someone work for Cisco ? I wanted to maybe be part of the Cisco TAC in Brussels, any hints ?


Anonymous said...

This post just came at the right moment.. As you said at the beginning it is alway easy to come up with an excuse.

Now it's time to flush all this s**** away and move forward to reach the E.

Thanks for you post.. I'm pretty sure it will inspire more people. No doubt, it has been for me.

Thanks again !!

Flyner Portugal said...

very very motivating

Babu Kalyanam said...

Well, if you haven't noticed, ICE AGE 4 is yet to be released! :-) You find time to watch movies which haven't been released is sheer awesome.

Himawan Nugroho said...

Babu, you should know the release date for new movie is not the same all around the world. Ice Age 4 was released in UAE 2 weeks ago. Amazing Spiderman was released last week. I watched both movies 2 times in the cinema with my kids. But let's go back to the main point of the discussion, shall we? ;)

Unknown said...

Motivate post!
Already put it on my desktop.