Monday, September 10, 2012


Do you want to become a CCIE but does not know how to achieve it? Do you want to study but cannot afford or too busy to attend extensive bootcamp training model? Are you overwhelmed with number of CCIE materials to learn?

Introducing CCIE93, the world's first community based CCIE mentoring program. Designed for those who want to learn CCIE in his own pace, anytime, anywhere. Using state of the art yet simple learning platform, quality videos and practice lab materials, and guided by group of CCIEs as mentors. Follow instruction to study only specific item for the day, until 93 days, to be ready to pass CCIE lab exam!

Currently available only for Indonesians.

Himawan Nugroho
Creator and Lead Mentor


Daniel said...

Will this be changed so other people can have this opportunity ?


Anonymous said...

Hello Himawan,

Very exciting post from you after a long gap Since July!!! I guess thats what you were tied up with.

"Please make it available for us"

Thank You
Devendranath Gangal

Daniel said...

You received a lot of requests from the targeted people ?

If not please save a slot for me :)