Sunday, October 07, 2012

Can We Train Global Consultant?

Fast learner. Hard worker. Able to work under pressure. Positive. Achiever. Strive for excellence. Self motivated. Be passionate with work.

Those are not the qualities sought from a Global Consultant.
Those are basic requirements.
Basic requirements to keep your current job, whatever it is.

Global Consultant needs something beyond.

Even Charles Darwin agreed the most adaptable consultant is the one who can survive. Not the smartest.


Team player, team leader, and at the same time able to work independently, anytime, anywhere with minimum supervision.
Understand the presentation is oneself, not the slides nor the animation. Able to convey the technical message to non-technical person.
Possess the T-shaped technical skills.

Possess extensive and broad experiences.
Customer oriented and business-aware.
Global mindset with can-do attitude.

And the most important: the ability to connect the dots.

Here comes the million dollar question: can we train Global Consultant?

Wait for my next disruptive idea.

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