Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey of a Lifetime

I've traveled to many countries, I've seen many places, but there is only one place on earth that deserves to be called the ultimate destination. Anyone who shares the same belief as me should perform the journey to this destination at least once in their lifetime.
It's indeed the journey of a lifetime.

Insha Allah I will start my journey in less than 30 hours.

Labaik Allahuma Labaik!

Photo by Maitham Almisry


Anonymous said...

SubhanAllah, Have a safe and blessed journey bro. Humbly requested to remember me in prayers.

An aspiring CCIE,

Husain Baj said...

A whole hearted Mubarak to you and wish you safe Haj !

Request to Remember in Prayers !


Anonymous said...

InshaAllah the reward will be a Hajj Mabroor ...
Wass, Fajr Saptr

Anonymous said...

The place is breath-taking. I want to go there too and see more of the world. As you said, we all live once. I checked out luton hotel when I was in England. Would love to comeback someday.