Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I've Been Doing Lately

Beside Cisco and my MBA, I work as managing director for a non-profit organization GEM Foundation that I founded last year along with other Indonesian professionals.

Our focus is to help preparing Indonesian students and young professionals, as the next generation leaders for my country, to be prepared for the global competition.

Our activity includes regular biweekly Webex session by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, mostly live outside the country, to share their knowledge, wisdom, experience, tips and tricks in finding a job, getting a job, or creating a job.
In average 70-80 students and young professionals attended our session.

We always try to meet the students in person in order to provide inspiration and opportunity to have face-to-face and open discussion. Last year I met more than 400 students and professionals during my visit to 4 universities in Indonesia.

My activity won me spot in national news. But I didn't bother.

Early this month I went to one technical high school and couple of universities in one Indonesian city called Malang, to do something similar like last year. I was given honor to give keynote speech in the annual event arranged by the alumni of the high school.

I used the opportunity to share my view of how to prepare Indonesian next generations for global competition.

My foundation also conducted competition for students and we provided Raspberry Pi as well as scholarship for the winners.

I had a chance to become guest speaker for one university, with more than 300 students attending the lecture, even thought it was holiday season for them!

Then I conducted 5-day NGN technical workshop in Jakarta with a group of professionals. It's an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, at the same time we used the event as fund raiser for my organization.

I also arrange a dinner with the members of CCIE93, world's first community based mentoring program to prepare its members to become CCIE in 93 days.

This time, my activity got me an interview with national TV news. But I didn't even bother to check when it would be broadcasted :)

Because I don't do all this for fame. Nor I do this for award.

Only want to show that one must always try to make a difference, no matter small.

Btw, I'm also the president of CCIE Club Indonesia. I built the portal, created the hall of fame of Indonesian CCIEs, and I arrange monthly technical talk over Webex to let the CCIE to share his knowledge and experience.

It's time to get back to work.
Life has never been so exciting.