Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Tech Meets Business

"I have had the pleasure of having Himawan as part of my team for a total  of 3 years, first two years in the Carrier Ethernet practice as an NCE,  and later on as part of my Advanced Services Africa team where Himawan worked as a Solutions Architect.

Himawan is unique in the way that he not only contributes with extremely  good technical knowledge (for which his triple CCIE is a proof), but he also provides the combination of very good consultancy and business skills, which makes him extremely valuable not only in meetings with customer engineers, but also in meetings with customer senior management.

What I value most with Himawan is his never give up attitude, it doesn't matter how complicated problem, how challenging business environment, or how short timelines, he always jumps into the challenge and finds a way to resolve the issue.

I can strongly recommend Himawan for any position where the combination of technical and business skills is required, and if I had a position open requiring these skills I would see Himawan as the perfect hire."

- Ulf Vinneras
Director Services Strategy and Business Development at Cisco Systems

Tack så mycket, Ulf!

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