Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last 24

1. Went to Dubai International airport at 1 am local time
2. Stayed in Emirates business lounge, blogging to write about the recent Indonesian Networkers 17-19 June 2013 aka 100NGN Workshop in Jakarta
3. Got info there was delay for about an hour from the original 2.55 am local time
4. Continued blogging
5. At 3.30 am there was announcement the new schedule for the flight now is 6 am
6. Didn't want to sleep to avoid missing the flight, randomly browsing the Internet
7. Close to 6 am, no announcement about the boarding
8. Felt very sleepy so decided just to go to boarding gate around 6 am
9. Got into airplane around 6.30, flight finally took off at 7 am
10. Couldn't sleep during the 13.5 hours flight to JFK New York, watched lots of movies
11. Arrived 1.5 hours before my connecting flight
12. There was announcement from pilot, due to medical condition of one passenger all others must stayed inside airplane until the situation is cleared
13. Came out from airplane with only about an hour before the next flight to Orlando
14. Run to border security with Quick Connect paper from Emirates, reached the counter through priority line but got rejected since the counter was designated only for US Citizen. Watched the argument between border officer with Emirates official who issued the priority paper
15. Finally cleared border security, run through the custom check to exit the International terminal. Good thing I always travel light so no checked-in luggage for 1-2 weeks trip
16. Got boarding pass for the next flight from the transit counter, went to long TSA queue at domestic flight terminal
17. Cleared TSA check 30 minutes before the flight, just to found out it was the wrong Terminal 4! Must exit Terminal 4 and take AirTrain to Terminal 5
18. Finally reached Terminal 5. Thank God TSA officer gave priority since my flight was less than 15 minutes
19. Reached the gate and entered the airplane 5 minutes before the flight!
20. Slept like a baby during the 3 hours flight
21. Welcome to Orlando! Reached the hotel at 6 pm local time or 2 am Dubai time
22. Corporate credit card didn't work. It turned out to be expired last month!
23. Cleared the credit card issue, but couldn't get my room card since the hotel system was down. Managed to get into the room with the escort from hotel security
24. Walked to Conference Center to register as speaker. Finally, after more than 24 hours since I started, I got the speaker pass and the speaker shirt!

Welcome to Cisco Live US 2013!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Indonesian Networkers 2013 aka 100NGN

I’m currently sitting at Dubai airport, waiting for my flight to New York, then Orlando for Cisco Live US 2013. It’s going to be epic with so many breakout sessions, keynote speech by Cisco CEO, customer appreciation and CCIE party and many other great stuff for those who want to get the latest update and new innovation in computer networking from the market leader. Last year, Cisco Live US 2012 in San Diego set a record breaking of 17,000 in-person attendees!

Earlier this week I took 5 days off from work to conduct 3 days workshop for 100 Indonesian professionals and 100 students, discussing the “next generation of computer networking”. We called it Indonesian Networkers 2013 aka 100NGN workshop that was held between 17-19 June.

With 100NGN workshop we want to prepare Indonesian professionals and students with best practices, soft skills and new direction in computer networking technology. And it’s been my personal obsession to bring world class event to Indonesia, just as Cisco Live.

Day 1 was started with keynote speech about building Network, Skill and Experience in order to become globally competitive professionals. Continued with Network Design lesson, MPLS VPN tutorial, and non-technical session like Killer CV.

Cisco Elastic Core, QoS Implementation in Mobile Network, next generation Data Center and Service Provider Wifi.


At the end of every session there was quiz with multiple choice questions. We used online polling system Textello to find the attendee with the highest score. The top scorer of Day 1 was rewarded with Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Day 2 agenda was CCIE and CCDE experience, WAN Architecture and Design, IP RAN 2G and 3G Implementation.

There was a session on Interview process in Silicon Valley, directly from an Indonesian who currently works in Silicon Valley, who was willing to come all the way for this event! 

Evolution of Mobile Technology, E-Commerce Perimeter Security, IPv6 Implementation, Software Defined Network, OnePK and Internet of Everything.

The top scorer of Day 2 got Apple iPad Mini with “Indonesian Networkers 2013” written at the back.

Day 3 was designated for students. We want them to get the updates on Mobile technology, router architecture, SDN, IPv6 and Internet of Everything.

We event brought a speaker from one of the best universities in Indonesia to explain his research in SDN with GIST Korea to implement OpenFlow at TEIN research network.

Day 3 was closed with provocative session about communication skill to win in global competition by Dwi Chandra from DCT Enterprise. We gave away three Raspberry Pi to the students who became the top scorers of the day.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen" – Michael Jordan.

Thank you to our silver sponsor Cisco Advanced Services APAC. Thank you Gulfware for Textello, DCT, Cisco Academy and CCIE Club Indonesia.

I learned from David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands, that the only way to make big things happen is by taking people with you. Thank you to all the speakers who were willing to come in between their busy schedule. Some speakers even came from outside the country or must travel from different city!

I'm very proud as young organization GEM Foundation and Jawdat are able to conduct an event like 100NGN.To all my team members, You make it happen! And once again, thank you to all speakers, sponsors and attendees! 

3 days. 14 speakers. Total 199 participants. Network Design, MPLS VPN, Killer CV, Elastic Core, Mobile, QoS, DCN, SP Wifi, CCIE/CCDE, WAN Design, IP RAN 2G/3G, Interview, LTE, Security, IPv6 Implementation, Next Generation Router, SDN/OnePK, SDN Research, Communication skill, Internet of Everything!

My week-off couldn’t have been better.

Saturday, June 08, 2013


It's official, finally. CCDE 20130018

The question is, as always: what's next?