Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why We Need to Learn During Weekend

We are group of design architects/consultants who do network design in daily basis. We are spread in different countries across Asia, Europe and Middle East. We happen to have CCDE certification too. And all of us have the same dream to build the community filled up with real design experts, those who actually do design work to solve real world's network design problems. And we want to teach real design skills based on our experiences. To help those who want to become the next design architects/consultants, or to pass CCDE exam. To achieve this, we conduct design expert workshop in various locations, during the weekend.

Wait. What?

Why do we need to learn during the weekend?
It might be a good workshop. It might be an opportunity to hear real world's network design examples. It might be a good chance to meet another design professionals.
But come on, attending technical workshop during the weekend?

I hear you. I know how it feels.
After long hours of work during weekday, we deserve our weekend. When we need to learn something related to work, we should do it during workday. When we need to learn design, we can ask the company to send us for bootcamp training.

Here is my argument:
1. You want to learn design from design architects/consultants
2. These design architects/consultants do real design work everyday
3. It means they won't be available during workday to teach
They may take days off to conduct workshop, but there are only limited number of days off and most prefer to use them for some other activities.

It's not easy to everyone. It's hard to attend workshop during the weekend just as it's hard to conduct workshop during the weekend. But sometimes we have to try something different to achieve our dream.

The good thing about it? If the system works, once the community is built, you may be able to have this kind of workshop with design architects/consultans in your hometown in your native language (for non-English speakers).

Please send email to if you are interested to attend Design Expert Weekend in Dubai or in another locations in the future.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

DEW: MPLS/Tunneling Design in Dubai!

Update: I received lots of request to reduce the fee. After considering it, I decided to create "DEW - No Frills". The fee is now 30% lower but please don't expect fancy hotel meeting room, no lunch included, no coffee break, no print out, no notebook or other gift to attendees. It will be only geeks in a room discussing network design.

After the first Design Expert Weekend in Riyadh focusing on IPv4/IPv6 Routing Design, the second DEW will be held in Dubai, UAE, for MPLS/Tunneling Design.

Design Expert Weekend in Dubai on 24-25 January will focus on MPLS/Tunneling Design. Agenda will cover:

- MPLS Refresh
- MPLS L3VPN Design
- MPLS L2VPN Design
- MPLS Traffic Engineering
- MPLS VPN Resiliency
- IPv6 over MPLS
- Other non-MPLS Tunneling: GRE, L2TPv3, IPSec, DMVPN, IPv6 Tunneling
- CCDE exam tips and tricks
- CCDE sample questions and scenario to practice ability to analyze design requirements, develop network designs, implement network design, validate and optimize network design

The other two DEW are held in separate session:
DEW:Routing Design (IGP IPv4/IPv6, BGP, scaling, inter-AS, HA, and include PIM, ASM, SSM Multicast)
DEW:SP Design (Physical, L2, IGP/BGP/MPLS/PIM as transport, MPLS-based services, Internet, IPTV, HA, QoS, security, management)

To help network engineers to gain real design skills. DEW can help with CCDE exam preparation, and beyond.
Our main goal is not to make you certified. But to give the real knowledge. The real skills. Then to be certified or not it's your decision not ours.

Any network engineers/architects who want to learn design skills can join the workshop, even we prefer you to have several years of experience working with network devices.
Himawan Nugroho will be the mentor for this DEW. He holds three CCIE#8171 in R&S, Security, SP track and CCDE#20130018. Himawan has total 14 years experience in network design, with the last 7 years working for Cisco Advanced Services as Solutions Architect. He has worked in many design projects for Cisco important customers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Training room in Dubai, UAE.

Friday-Saturday, 24-25 January 2014 from 8 am to 5 pm.

2-day workshop to discuss design aspect of MPLS/Tunneling technology in detail. The class will be small (4-6 max) to ensure lots of interaction. Expect to see heavy discussion on design options for each technology covered. There will be discussion of CCDE exam tips and tricks, sample questions and scenario. Materials used for this workshop will be public material (non-NDA). Anyone who joins the workshop will be part of DEW community that will be formed as follow up after the workshop.

There is fee to attend each DEW that will be used to cover the expenses such as renting the meeting room for 2-day workshop, wireless Internet, lunch, coffee break, effort to build workshop material and so on. And after all the expenses, the remaining will be used to fund my organization back home.

The reservation is first come, first serve.
And your seat will be guaranteed only after you have completed the payment.
Please send email to to get more detail information.