Thursday, February 25, 2016

SDN Warriors All-In-One VM

SDN Warriors open community Facebook group today is releasing All-In-One VM v1.0, a Virtual Machine that anyone can run in PC or laptop to learn SDN & NFV skills. The VM runs Ubuntu OS and contains pre-installed OpenStack, OpenFlow network simulated by mininet with OpenDaylight controller, physical router simulated by dynamips, simple web portal and Network Manager written in python created by Riftadi SDN Warriors group admin. The VM is not created nor endorsed by Cisco, Canonical, ONF, Linux Foundation or OpenStack community, so please don’t ask for any support whatsoever from them. One way to use the VM is: by using only a single click in web portal we can provision automatically new vrouter VNF as OpenStack VM, configure OpenFlow network to connect physical router and vrouter, then configure OSPF routing in both physical and vrouter. You can start with this simple use case, then expand it as part of your learning. The VM is free to download and available here:


Anonymous said...

error 404. File cannot be found.

Unknown said...

any chance of sharing the VM, not able to download from link.

I can set up a dropbox share if necessary.


Himawan Nugroho said...

Dropbox keep disabling the public link, too many people are downloading at the same time. Try this mirror server:
user : sdnwarriors
pass : sdnbigf4n!

Himawan Nugroho said...

Please make sure to check the md5. Md5 for the original image in dropbox:
$ md5 SDN_NFV_AIO_VM_v1.0-disk1.vmdk
MD5 (SDN_NFV_AIO_VM_v1.0-disk1.vmdk) = 38fae3bd2811818c5c78719bdd9ea6d9

Himawan Nugroho said...

In SDN Warriors facebook group you will find list of mirror servers with options of sftp, http and even bittorrent